Alice in Chains - Oakland, CA (2/11/2010)

Concierto de Alice in Chains en The Fox Theater, en Oakland, CA (Estados Unidos), 11 de febrero de 2010.


1.- All Secrets Know
2.- It Ain't Like That
3.- Again
4.- Check My Brain
5.- Them Bones
6.- Dam That River
7.- Rain When I Die
8.- Your Decision
9.- Got Me Wrong
10.- We Die Young
11.- Last of My Kind
12.- Nutshell
13.- Sickman
14.- Grind
15.- Acid Bubble
16.- No Excuses
17.- Angry Chair
18.- Man in the Box

19.- Love, Hate, Love
20.- Would?
21.- Rooster

"All Secrets Known"

"All Secrets Known" (2nd cam)

"All Secrets Know" (3rd cam, best)

"Check My Brain"

"Them Bones / Dam That River"

"Your Decision"

"Got Me Wrong"


"Nutshell" (2nd cam)


"Grind" (2nd Cam)

"Acid Bubble"

"No Excuses"

"Love, Hate, Love"

"Man in the Box"


"Would?" (2nd cam)


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