Alice in Chains - Toronto, ON - BlackDiamondSkye (9/18/2010)

Concierto de Alice in Chains en Molson Canadian Amphitheatre de Toronto, ON (Canadá), del 18 de septiembre de 2010.


1.- Them Bones
2.- Dam That River
3.- Rain When I Die
4.- Again
5.- Check My Brain
6.- Your Decision
7.- No Excuses
8.- Grind
9.- Last of My Kind
10.- We Die Young
11.- Lesson Learned
12.- It Ain't Like That
13.- Rooster

14.- Nutshell
15.- Man in The Box
16.- Would?

Deftones Setlist: Diamond Eyes, Rocket Skates, Around the Fur, Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away), My Own Summer (Shove It), Prince, You've Seen The Butcher, Sextape, Risk*, Change (In the House of Flies), Nosebleed, Engine No. 9, 7 Words
*Dedicada a Chi Cheng

Mastodon Setlist: Naked Burn, Divinations, Crystal Skull, Capillarian Crest, Colony of Birchmen, The Czar, Megalodon, Blood and Thunder

New Intro + "Them Bones"

New Intro + "Them Bones / Dam That River"

"Them Bones" (best audio & video)

"Rain When I Die"


"Check My Brain"

"Your Decision"


"Rooster" (best audio & video)

"Nutshell" ("We're gonna play this for another member of Alice in Chains... this is for Mr. Layne Staley")

"Man in The Box"


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