Alice in Chains - Seattle, WA (Agosto 24, 2018)

Alice in Chains tocó en el mítico club de música y bar The Crocodile, en Seattle, WA, el 24 de agosto de 2018, en el marco de los eventos de celebración del lanzamiento del nuevo álbum "Rainier Fog" en Seattle, concierto que fue parte también de la tercera parte del "2018 World Tour".

The Crocodile está en el barrio Belltown, en Seattle, WA, y es uno de los lugares legendarios donde las primeras bandas de rock de la región comenzaron a tocar, incluyendo a Alice in Chains. Es parte de la historia de la banda y de la ciudad.

El 22 de agosto de 2018, Alice in Chains envió fanáticos en un Scavenger Hunt para acceder a un concierto secreto que la banda brindaría en Seattle el 24 de agosto. Diez copias de su último álbum "Rainier Fog", firmadas por los miembros de la banda, se ocultaron en la ciudad, que serían una especia de ticket para entrar al show, y la banda les pidió a los fanáticos que vigilaran su historia de Instagram para obtener más información sobre estos 10 lugares ocultos.

Una vez que se encontraron los 10 álbumes, la banda reveló que el concierto secreto sería en The Crocodile con entradas muy limitadas disponibles con la compra de su nuevo álbum en el evento Pop-up & Retrospective en el mismo lugar al día siguiente. El 23 y el 24 de agosto de 2018, The Crocodile organizó un verdadero museo de Alice in Chains con fotos raras, merchandising de edición limitada, memorabilia e instrumentos musicales, que mostraba la carrera de más de 30 años de la banda. La entrada al museo fue gratuita.

Algunas fotos que recopilamos en instagram de la exhibición Pop-up & Retrospective de Alice in Chains, en The Crocodile, Seattle, WA. 

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Más fotos de la exhibición Pop-Up & Retrospective de Alice In Chains en Seattle. Ojo con la botella de vino, es chilena. Recordamos haber visto en el 2013 que dicho obsequio fue preparado por algún fanático chileno. Avísenle que es parte de este museo de Alice In Chains! #Repost @stacy875 • • • • • Alice In Chains week continues! So much history, nostalgia, and heart is in the @aliceinchains pop up at @thecrocodileseattle It was so awesome to see all the memorabilia of a band I’ve loved since I was 13. Seeing props from the Nona Tapes especially made my day! I watched that damn video until it broke! You guys outdid yourselves! #aliceinchains #thecrocodile #aic #nostalgia #seattle #thenonatapes #seattlemusicscene #jerrycantrell #laynestaley #seankinney #williamduvall #mikeinez #metal #grunge #memories #love #museum #thepast #thefuture #music
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Más fotografías de la exhibición Pop-Up & Retrospective de Alice que está en Seattle. Fueron tomadas por Mike Savoia, fotógrafo y amigo colaborador de la larga data de la banda, quien señaló en los comentarios que documentó todo la exhibición, a petición de Alice In Chains, pensando en el resto de los fans que no pueden ir a Seattle a ver este museo. Así que, algo van a preparar con ese material fotográfico... #Repost @ironmikesavoia • • • • • {Swipe Left} Happy #RainierFog Day! If in Seattle make sure to get down to the @thecrocodileseattle between 10-2 today (Friday) to check out the awesome @aliceinchains memorabilia museum and purchase exclusive event merchandise - full documenting gallery coming soon for all you fans around the globe Facebook/SavoiaPhotographyLive - Even #seankinney came in for a peek yesterday 🤘🏻 - #aic #aliceinchains #seattle #crocodileseattle #artifacts #grunge #seattlemusic #cdrelease #ironmikesavoia #savoiaphotographylive #nwmusic #musicphotography @mike_inez_official @jerrycantrell @williamduvallofficial
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#Repost @layneunchained • • • • • Alice in Chains December 1989 in Belltown Seattle 📷 Paul Hernandez @seattlemainframe Photographer Paul Hernandez shot promo and candid pictures of bands during the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. "All these beautiful men with these beautiful voices all came to earth at the same time in the same city. It's like, ‘Okay, how'd this happen?’” he said. His retrospective Star Gazing, on display at Mainframe Gallery in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood, includes a number of never-before-seen photos. He kept the negatives boxed up for years, and didn’t print them until recently. "To remember where we came from, who we were, what we were,” Hernandez said. Alice in Chains was the first grunge band he shot back in 1988, after seeing them perform. "I had to pull my pants back on because they were completely blown off,” he said. "(The music) was almost locomotive like, it was powerful, it was coming out you." That inspired his choice of what would become a famous photo background for Alice In Chains: train tracks. Hernandez went on to shoot Mother Love Bone, Soundgarden, Pearl Jam, and Duff McKagan. But his closest connection remained his first subjects – especially frontman Layne Staley. "Layne was an old soul. He's an angelic human being. He's the only angelic man I've ever met,” Hernandez said. "Losing people is not an easy thing for me." That’s one reason he packed away his negatives. But as Alice In Chains is celebrating 25 years and releasing a new album this week, he thought the time was right to revisit the past. Star Gazing is on display through October 7. Mainframe Gallery is located at 5628 Airport Way S. in Seattle.
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AIC Pop-Up Museum PART TWO: 1) Inez’s MTV Unplugged bass w/ footage on the screen in the background of James Hetfield jamming “Would” onstage w/ us in Germany in 2006. 2) @framuswarwickofficial Talisman guitar w/ me as Nesta Cleveland onscreen in the background. Photo by @tressvv. 3) Photo of us onstage holding up a banner made by fans saying “Alice In Chains Born Again” at our first concert in Portugal, 2006. 4) That same banner hanging up in the pop-up museum today. 5) Cantrell’s Nona Weisbaum outfit from “The Nona Tapes.” 6) Me with some of my stage clothes from the ‘06-‘07 tours (along w/ a photo of me standing beside some Freddie Mercury stage clothes at the Queen museum in Montreux, Switzerland placed at the bottom of the case by Susan Silver as an inside joke). Both photos by Susan Silver. 7) Track log chart from the self-titled “3 legged dog” album. 8) Candleholders from “Unplugged.” 9) Name-The-Album suggestion board from the “Rainier Fog” recording sessions. 10) Photo of us w/ Elton John after the recording session for his guest appearance on the “Black Gives Way To Blue” album. #aliceinchains #rainierfog
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It was really cool visiting the AIC pop-up museum at @thecrocodileseattle today. A lot of really cool history and memories. Almost overwhelming to see it all in one place like that. The video installations were particularly insane. At least 90% of the footage I had never seen. So many crazy gigs. So many adventures and miles logged. What an incredible life we’ve been privileged to lead. My photos here hardly do it justice. Nevertheless, these are a few of my favorite things - PART ONE. 1) Entryway right wall. 2) Early gig flyer w/ Mookie Blaylock (soon to be Pearl Jam) as the opener. 3) Ann Wilson and me at the VH1 Decades Rock Live television broadcast in 2006, my very first public appearance with the band (no pressure or anything). 4) Very early publicity photo (signed). 5) Felt gambling tablecloth commemorating one of our earliest appearances in Las Vegas. 6) Sean Kinney’s platinum disc for “Jar Of Flies” (Big Fucking Deal). 7) Wall of cool 2007-2009 memorabilia, including framed gold record for “Black Gives Way To Blue.” 8) Table of 90s-era memorabilia. 9) Table of 2000s-era memorabilia. 10) Day sheet featuring Elvis and a reference to our security man Big Val Bichekas (RIP). #aliceinchains #rainierfog
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Setlist concierto:
1.- Check My Brain
2.- Hollow
3.- Red Giant *
4.- The One You Know
5.- So Far Under
6.- Never Fade
7.- No Excuses
8.- Would?

* Primera vez en la historia que tocan "Red Giant" en vivo


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