Jerry Cantrell - Toronto, ON (Mar. 29, 2022)


Jerry Cantrell se presentó en el History Toronto, en Toronto, ON, Canadá, el 29 de marzo de 2022, como parte del tour Brighten. Artista telonera: Lola Colette.


1.- Atone

2.- Psychotic Break

3.- Them Bones

4.- Siren Song

5.- Cut You In

6.- My Song

7.- Had To Know

8.- No Excuses

9.- Black Gives Way To Blue

10.- Check My Brain

11.- Prism of Doubt

12.- Between

13.- Angel Eyes

14.- Down In A Hole

15.- Would?


16.- Brighten

17.- Man in the Box

18.- Rooster

19.- Goodbye (Elton John Cover)


"Them Bones"

"Cut You In"

"No Excuses"

"Had To Know"

"Check My Brain"

"Angel Eyes"

"Down In A Hole"



"Man In The Box"


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analogkid610 dijo...

forget this place it has not shared a show since 2013