Alice in Chains - Milwaukee, MI (Abril 20, 2019)

Alice in Chains tocó en The Rave / Eagles Club, en Milwaukee, MI, Estados Unidos, el 20 de abril de 2019, en el marco de su gira por Estados Unidos, parte del tour mundial promoviendo el "Rainier Fog". Banda de apertura: City and Colour.

- Intro - "Música Ricercata, II (Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale)" de György Ligeti (Eyes Wide Shut Theme)
1.- Bleed the Freak
2.- Check My Brain
3.- Again
4.- Never Fade
5.- Them Bones
6.- Dam That River
7.- Hollow
8.- Your Decision
9.- Rainier Fog
10.- Down in a Hole
11.- No Excuses
12.- Stone
13.- Red Giant
14.- We Die Young
15.- Nutshell
16.- Angry Chair
17.- Man In The Box

18.- The One You Know
19.- Got Me Wrong
20.- Would?
21.- Rooster

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Just a guy hanging out in a haunted swimming pool in Milwaukee. This is the lower floor of the Eagles Ballroom, the venue we’re playing tonight. Every band you’ve ever heard of has played here (as well as many you haven’t). This place first opened in 1927 and has an extremely storied history, much of it quite dark. Buddy Holly and Richie Valens played here just a few days before the plane crash that killed them both. This was also reportedly one of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s favorite pickup spots. The site of his house is right behind the building (it’s now a vacant lot). But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. These walls carry a million more stories. The first few times I played here, starting back in 2001, this swimming pool area was closed off. Word has always been that this entire building is haunted, with this particular room being among the most paranormally active. Twenty years ago, you could sneak down here but you did so at your own peril. Today, our dressing rooms are down here. That’s what we call progress, people! #aliceinchains #rainierfog #tour2019
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"Check My Brain"

"Them Bones"

"No Excuses"

"We Die Young"

"Man In The Box"

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