Alice in Chains - Montreal, Canadá (Abril 27, 2019)

Alice in Chains tocó en MTELUS, en Montreal, QC, Canada, el 27 de abril de 2019, en el marco de la penúltima fecha por Canadá, que es parte de su gira mundial promocionando el álbum "Rainier Fog". Banda de apertura: City and Colour.

Intro - "Música Ricercata, II (Mesto, rigido e cerimoniale)" de György Ligeti (Eyes Wide Shut Theme)
1.- Bleed the Freak
2.- Check My Brain
3.- Again
4.- Never Fade
5.- Them Bones
6.- Dam That River
7.- Hollow
8.- Your Decision
9.- Rainier Fog
10.- Down in a Hole
11.- No Excuses
12.- Stone
13.- Red Giant
14.- It Ain't Like That
15.- Nutshell
16.- Angry Chair
17.- Man in the Box

18.- The One You Know
19.- Got Me Wrong *
20.- Would?
21.- Rooster

* w/ Dallas Green de City and Colour

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So, like, my dad and John Lennon were really good friends. One day Lennon was over at our apartment hanging out. He and my dad were smokin’ a coupla Js just rappin’ about the Vietnam War and the government, and protest, and stuff. And I was in the other room taking a nap (I was 1-1/2 years old). Anyhow, I woke up from my nap crying. My dad and Lennon came into the room to see about me. As my dad was picking me up, he looked at Lennon and was like, “That’s IT!!! You could stage a protest right from your bed! A BED-IN FOR PEACE!!!” And Lennon’s face lit up and he was like, “Duuuuuude!” And my dad was like, “Dooooooooooood!!!!” So there you have it. My dad gave John Lennon the idea for the legendary Bed-In For Peace. And he got it from 1-1/2-year-old ME. You’re welcome. #Kidding #TotallyNotWhatHappemedAtALL HOWEVER, we really were staying in the very same hotel where John & Yoko held their “Bed-In For Peace” 50 years ago this year. And I think that’s a pretty cool thing. So, as their suite was just three floors above mine, I couldn’t resist grabbing a pic by the door. #GivePeaceAChance
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"Intro / Bleed The Freak / Check My Brain"


"Them Bones / Dam That River"

"No Excuses"


"It Ain't Like That"

"Nutshell / Angry Chair / Man In The Box"

"The One You Know"



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