Jerry Cantrell - New Orleans, LA (Abr. 19, 2022)


Jerry Cantrell se presentó en The Fillmore, en New Orleans, LA, Estados Unidos, el 19 de abril de 2022, como parte del tour Brighten. Artista de apertura: Phillip-Michael Scales


1.- Atone

2.- Them Bones

3.- Psychotic Break

4.- Sea of Sorrow

5.- Brighten

6.- Cut You In

7.- My Song

8.- Siren Song

9.- No Excuses

10.- Black Hearts and Evil Done

11.- Had To Know

12.- Angel Eyes

13.- Between

14.- It Ain't Like That

15.- Down in a Hole

16.- Got Me Wrong


17.- Would?

18.- Man In The Box

19.- Rooster


"Them Bones"

"Psychotic Break"

"Sea of Sorrow"

"Cut You In"

"My Song"

"No Excuses"

"It Ain't Like That"

"Down in a Hole"

"Would? / Man in the Box"


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