Jerry Cantrell - Varsovia, Polonia (Junio 28, 2022)


Jerry Cantrell se presento en el Klub Proxima, en Varsovia, Polonia, el 28 junio de 2022, Tour Brighten.


1.- Atone

2.- Them Bones

3.- Psychotic Break

4.- We Die Young

5.- Sea of Sorrow

6.- Cut You In

7.- My Song

8.- Siren Song

9.- Nobody Breaks You

10.- No Excuse

11.- Had To Know

12.- Angel Eyes

13.- Between

14.- Lesson Learned *

15.- Man In The Box

16.- Would?


17.- Heaven Beside You

18.- Brighten

19.- Rooster

20.- Goodbye (Elton John cover)

* Tour debut

"Them Bones"

"Psychotic Break"

"We Die Young"

"Sea of Sorrow"

"Cut You In"

"My Song"

"Siren Song"

"No Excuses"

"Man in the Box"


"Heaven Beside You"



Entrevista Greg Puciato y Jerry Cantrell

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