Alice in Chains - Live in Thackerville, OK (Aug. 13, 2011)

Audio del concierto acústico de Alice in Chains en el WindStar World Casino de Thackerville, OK (Estados Unidos), del 13 de agosto de 2011.


1.- Brother
2.- Your Decision
3.- Jerry talks
4.- Nutshell
5.- Jerry talks
6.- Got Me Wrong
7.- Rotten Apple
8.- William and Jerry talks
9.- Check My Brain
10.- Down in a Hole
11.- Band Chatter
12.- Acid Bubble
13.- Right Turn
14.- Band Intros
15.- No Excuses
16.- Killer is Me
17.- Band Chatter
18.- Angry Chair
19.- Love, Hate, Love
20.- Sean talks
21.- Don't Follow
22.- Would?
23.- Jerry and Mike talks
24.- Jerry's Dad
25.- Rooster

4 comentarios:

Peter Guss dijo...

Gracias, gracias, MUCHAS gracias! Saludos de Brasil!

Anónimo dijo...

This is also one of my recordings. Would you mind if I added your artwork to the original file? I will leave it unaltered to give your site the credit it deserves.

Also when I originally shared this Don't Follow was not split correctly and I only got half the song. Is this the version you have? If so I have re-split the show to include the band talking coming from the Encore and the entire song of Don't Follow. If you have the incomplete set leave a reply and I will post a link for the entire show.

Alice in Chains Chile dijo...

Sure!!! go on!!! and thanks for this tape!!

Anónimo dijo...