Documentary film: "All Alone Together: Neon Christ and Atlanta Hardcore"

"This is a documentary I'm producing on the Atlanta hardcore punk scene, then and now. We've just begun our grassroots fundraising drive. To find out more, click the link below. Any contribution is much appreciated."


What's our film about?
All Alone Together is a documentary about the Atlanta hardcore punk scene. We are producing it because we want to tell a story that we feel has been ignored by other punk histories - the story of our lives. Among our major focuses will be Neon Christ, the legendary band considered by many to be the heart and soul of the original early eighties Atlanta scene. But this film is more than just an historical accounting. We also talk to the kids of today to find out what's on their minds. Why is hardcore still relevant 30 years later? How does a culture once viewed as a lethal threat to our society retain its transformative power in the wake of mainstream acceptance? Does that acceptance make being a punk today easier or more difficult than it was three decades ago?
In February 2008, we took our cameras to an all-day concert event at the Treehouse, an all-ages DIY club in the Atlanta suburb of Lawrenceville, GA. Bands from all over the southeast came to play, among them, The Carbonas, Die Ficken, Government Warning, The Despised, Double Negative, and headliners Neon Christ, who came out of a 22 year retirement to play their final show ever.
The sheer size and galvanizing energy of the teenaged crowd at the Treehouse was truly amazing. The underground DIY punk ethos was still alive and thriving in Atlanta. The new kids were keeping it real and making it their own, finding personal identity and community through the music, just as we had decades before. We were guests in their house and they welcomed us in solidarity. It taught us a powerful lesson, one that we want to share. This film explores the common threads and differences between two generations of rebel kids, thirty years apart, each facing the particular challenges of their era, yet all forged by the same uniquely empowering subculture. This is the story of OUR lives.

Who are we?
Edgar Johnson (director, field producer, videographer, video editor, and whatever else needs done): Oldschool punk and university professor.
Christopher Mills (producer, field producer, videographer, and film production expert): Oldschool punk and
film professional.
William DuVall (executive producer and music editor): Vocalist/guitar player for Alice in Chains and Comes With the Fall, guitar player for Neon Christ.
Jimmy Demer (associate producer): High school teacher, drummer for Neon Christ, guitar player for Accidents.
Randy DuTeau (associate producer): Sporting event planner, vocalist for Neon Christ.
Danny Lankford (associate producer): Sign location and permitting professional, bass player for Neon Christ and Accidents.
Randy Gue (associate producer, story editor): Archivist, roadie for Neon Christ.
David Rose (production assistant and videographer): College student majoring in television and cinema.
Stephen Gilliam (video editor): Government contractor and amateur film maker, currently working on Confederate Zombie, among other projects.

What's next?
We still need to shoot some “must-have” interviews, and we hope to have them accomplished by Summer 2011. Then, we'll cut the first 10 minutes of the film, and write a detailed treatment of our vision for the rest of it. The film segment and treatment will be used to put together a proposal to a professional production house. It is our hope that we can get their backing to do professional post-production for the film, and to exhibit and distribute it nationally and internationally.

What do our backers get?
We've put together some cool, interesting, and unique items for our backers. Check out the list to see just what's available. Some of these items will be available shortly after we fund the project, and some will take longer, as they are dependent on other projects which must be finished first. They will be shipped as soon as we have them available.

As we make progress on the project, we'll also keep in contact with our backers through updates to this page. If you have other questions, feel free to snail mail or email me at the address below.

Edgar Johnson

Social Crisis Films, LLC
4115 Columbia Road, Suite 5-281
Augusta, GA 30907-0410


William Duvall publicó el siguiente mensaje, en su cuenta de facebook:
"Se trata de un documental que estoy produciendo de la escena punk hardcore de Atlanta, de antes y de ahora. Hemos comenzado nuestra unidad de recaudación de fondos. Para obtener más información, haga clic en el enlace. Cualquier contribución es muy apreciada."

Como muchos deberían saber, William DuVall es una verdadera leyenda de la escena punk hardcore de la ciudad de Atlanta, sobretodo con su banda de mediado de los '80, Neon Christ, que compartieron escenario con grandes bandas como Corrosion of Conformity y Black Flag. Es por eso que ahora, esta involucrado en este proyecto, como productor ejecutivo y editor musical, no sólo para rendir tributo a toda esa escena punk de Atlanta quee Neon Christ lideró en los '80, sino que un verdadero compilado musical del hardcore de Atlanta hasta nuestros días.

Es normal en Estados Unidos que estos proyectos independientes se hagan en conjunto con muchas personas, que colaborando monetariamente en ellos ( ver el caso de la banda de Tanks Of Zen de Nick Pollock, que se embarcaron en el proyecto de sacar un nuevo álbum bajo esa fórmula y resultó muy exitosa), a cambio de material que las bandas envían a quienes apoyaron el proyecto. En el caso de Neon Christ, por ej:  el EP doble de Neon Christ de 7" EP publicado en 1990, una copia del Film en DVD o copia de nuevo material de estudio de Neon Christ que se grabará en la primavera estadounidense del 2011.

De parte de William DuVall y Neon Christ, gracias.

Nota: Como bien leyeron, Neon Christ grabará un nuevo álbum en la primavera de Estados Unidos, por lo tanto, William DuVall  estará trabajando en esto durante el primer semestre del 2011, y a luego, a mediados de año, con Alice in Chains en su nuevo álbum.

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