Alice in Chains - Kansas City, MO - Rockfest (Mayo 11, 2013)

Alice in Chains tocó en el Penn Valley Park, el marco del Rockfest, en Kansas City, MO, el 11 de mayo de 2013.

1.- Them Bones
2.- Dam That River
3.- Again
4.- Check My Brain
5.- Your Decision
6.- Hollow
7.- We Die Young
8.- Down In A Hole
9.- Nutshell
10.- Stone
11.- Would?
12.- Man In The Box
13.- Rooster

Ver fotografías del concierto en nuestro álbum de fotos en facebook.

"Them Bones"

"Dam That River"


"Check My Brain"

"Your Decision"


"We Die Young"

"Down In A Hole"




"Man In The Box"


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Anónimo dijo...

Set List

01 Them Bones
02 Dam That River
03 Again
04 Check My Brain
05 Your Decision
06 Hollow
07 We Die Young
08 Down In A Hole
09 Band Introductions
10 Nutshell
11 Stone
12 Would?
13 Man In The Box
14 Rooster

Nutshell was played before Stone otherwise the rest of what you have is correct.

Anónimo dijo...

The venue is Penn Valley Park. It is the site of the World War 1 Liberty Memorial. I was at the show. I will try to get my recording up on Dimeadozen shortly. Below is a copy of my ticket stub.


By the way - Love your site!

Alice in Chains Chile dijo...

thank you!

Anónimo dijo...

Here is a link for the show.

Not my best recording. It is rough to begin with but improves when the sbd guy turns up the volume.